Professional Competencies

Antony Bagshaw Consulting

Consultant Professional to the food and food testing industry

Seminars/Information Training or Dissemination

·         Nutritional Analysis. What is food chemistry and nutritional testing? Understanding nutritional analysis and nutritional results. What analytical techniques are used? What is actually tested? Considerations for sampling and sampling plans. What is UKAS accreditation and how does it help?

·         Food labelling. Is testing required? What results are required and why? What tolerances might you apply?

·         Allergens. What are allergens? What is an allergy? What labelling is required? Why is allergen labelling required? What techniques are available? What do the results mean? How can the results be used? Considerations for cleaning validations and sampling plans.

·         Food authenticity. What is food fraud? What testing can be done? What will it tell me? How does the testing work? What testing should I be using? What about The Elliot Review?

Technical Consulting and Advice

·         Data Interpretation. Critical review of technical and analytical data.

·         Technical Review. Appraisal and development of technical/quality policies and strategy.

Technical Training

·         Proximate and dietary fibre analysis

·         HPLC: GC : Ion Chromatography

·         Method development and validation

·         Quality systems in food testing laboratories

·         ISO 17025 accreditation in food testing laboratories

·         Basic statistics in analytical chemistry

Laboratory Services

·         Method development and validation

·         Method/AQC trouble-shooting

·         Auditing

·         Laboratory set-up and/or extension to scope

Laboratory Application Support and Training

·        HPLC

·         GC

·         Ion Chromatography

·         AQC

·         Food labelling analysis (FIR 2014)


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